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rudolph erasmus and michelle erasmus directors of KONSEP STUDIO pretoria architects; knysna architects; cape town architects; interior architects

KONSEP STUDIO, established in 2016, arose from our integral unwavering core value: a passionate pursuit for excellence, sustainability and integrity. 

Every project that crosses our path is careful considered and hand picked to ensure that we are the right team for the project, and that our passion and values will be reflected in the end project. We pride ourselves in doing work with immense excellence, and once our client-professional relationship is established, it remains a lifelong journey.


Rudolph Erasmus



Rudolph received his masters in architecture from the university of pretoria in 2012 and has been practicing architecture since 2013, working with Boogertman and Partners and Living Planet Architects before establishing KONSEP in 2016. Rudolph has an immense passion for great design, problem solving, sustainability and high tech execution. He has worked on projects ranging from shopping centers, houses, offices, lodges, master plans and many other and is well equipped to rise to any challenge.

Michelle Erasmus


Michelle received her honours in interior architecture from the university of pretoria in 2012 and has been practicing architecture since 2011, working with Boogertman and Partners, Saville Row Interior Architects, Life Design Studio and Drawbox Design Studio. Michelle is passionate about sustainability and creating unique spatial experiences. She is also the architect responsible for excellent execution.



publication of House van Zyl - SA Home Owner Jan/Feb 2024


house swanepoel  |  pretoria  [completed]

belvidere hill  |  knysna  [in progress]

savpri house  |  pretoria  [under construction]

stadshuis  |  pretoria  [completed]

die ambassade  |  pretoria  [completed]


da silva poolhouse  |  pretoria  [completed]

house pieterse  |  hermanus  [completed]

house van zyl  |  pretoria  [completed]

elangeni lodge  |  malelane  [under construction]

TTMS  |  ethiopea  [in progress]

boma21  |  pretoria  [completed]


crestway office park  |  pretoria  [completed]

ntebeza co-industry factory  |  middelburg  [in progress]

firefly cafe  |  camps bay  [completed]

greater light waterpark  |  nigeria  [in progress]



plato coffee bar  |  rustenburg  [completed]

plato coffee mobile solution  |  pretoria  [completed]

the ambassador  |  pretoria  [completed]

villa erasmus interiors |  pretoria  [completed]

de kijkhuis  |  belgium  [conceptual]

de schuur  |  netherlands  [conceptual]

affies meisies mobile unit  |  pretoria  [completed]


nukleus office interior  |  pretoria  [completed]

the conservatory co-working  |  kempton park  [conceptual]

house moller  |  still bay  [completed]

brooklyn student housing  |  pretoria  [project sold]


waterkloof high school crossfit centre  |  pretoria  [conceptual]

manhattan co|working  |  pretoria  [completed]

heritage cottage renovation  |  umdloti  [completed]

noise clipper interiors  |  pretoria  [completed]

house da silva junior  |  pretoria  [completed]

oasis revival ministries  |  pretoria  [completed]

studio lane apartments  |  pretoria  [completed]


hearX interiors  |  pretoria  [completed]

robins nest residential estate  |  johannesburg  [project sold]

futurum office facade renovation  |  centurion  [conceptual]

house terblanche  |  pretoria  [completed]


harties waterpark  |  hartebeespoortdam  [project halted]

R21 vision gateway  |  pretoria  [conceptual]

diamond hill organic farm  |  pretoria  [conceptual]

laser cafe factory  |  sutherland ridge  [conceptual]

futurum office park  |  centurion  [conceptual]


{registered as professional architect  |  sacap}

house duplessis  |  pretoria  [conceptual]

house da silva  |  pretoria  [completed]

brass trucking  |  pretoria  [completed]


renovation to french villa  |  france  [completed]

chrome valley lodge  |  steelpoort  [conceptual]


house coertzen  |  tzaneen  [completed]

house vorster  |  witrivier  [conceptual]

house verster  |  george  [conceptual]


{masters in architecture  |  university of pretoria}

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